2022Q2 Taiwan ESS Market Analysis Report
The Taiwan Market Analysis Report consists of results of professional industry investigation, statistics, and market insights. 

Taiwan Market Analysis Report contents:
  1. Overview on global electrochemistry energy storage market
  2. Taiwan energy storage policy 
  3. Energy storage: application scenarios and market size 
  4. Business models and tenders of the Taiwan Power Company
  5. Energy storage industrial chain: business movements, strategies, and up-and-down stream relationship
Supply Chain Updates: March, June, September, December
Global ESS Supplements and Updates: March, September 
Policy, Market, Business Model Updates: March, September 
ESS Policies of Major ESS markets: September
  • Report format: PDF
  • Release time: 25th, March, June, September, December
  • Language: Chinese

2022Q3 Solar-plus-storage Global Market Report

With PV stations, both centralized and distributed, scaling up around the world, demand for energy storage will gradually emerge. China’s relentless introductions of solar-plus-storage policies and the rapid growth of residential ESS in Germany and Japan, both indicated the inexorable integration of solar energy and energy storage.

Solar-Plus-Storage Global Market Analysis Report contents:

  1. Global and major FTM, BTM-C&I, and BTM-Residential solar-plus-storage markets
  2. Solar-plus-storage LCOE assessment and forecast for FTM, BTM-C&I, and BTM-Residential markets
  3. Analysis of major players in global energy storage industrial chain
  4. Product analysis
  5. Updates on major markets (countries/regions)
  • Format: PDF
  • Update: Mar. / Jun. / Sep. / Dec.
  • Language: CN / EN
ESS Market Analysis Report
The ESS market analysis report features research, data analysis, and in-depth market insights from analysts collecting information through visiting companies and conducting survey on market development, technology trends, and policy.

ESS Market Analysis report contents:
  1. Grid transformation and overview of energy storage
  2. Country policy
  3. How power batteries lead the development of battery storage & ESS market forecast
  4. Cost analysis and price forecast of energy storage systems
  5. Industry chain and major stakeholders
  6. Analysis of energy storage projects in different countries
  • Report format: PDF
  • Release time: June & December, 2022
  • Language: Chinese/English


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