Price Forecast Report
Price Forecast Report is a monthly report, providing three-month, a-year, and five-year price forecast. The three-month price forecast is presented by week; 1-year forecast by month, and 5-year by quarter. Price Forecast Report offers businesses real-time prices for reference.

Price Forecast Report contents:
  1. Polysilicon: Siemens method multi-grade/ mono-grade polysilicon
  2. Wafer: Mono
  3. Cell: Mono PERC
  4. Module: Conventional Mono PERC  *Price quotes are categorized into RMB and USD
  5. Cell prices in Southeast Asia
  6. Mono/ bifacial module prices
  7. Module spot prices
  8. Module prices by region   *Including spot prices in Japan, Europe, India, and Australia,  as well as prices for mono/bifacial modules in the U.S.
  • Report format: Excel
  • Release time: 10th of every month
  • Language: Chinese/English
Supply Chain Utilization Rate

Data of utilization rates of more than 100 polysilicon, wafer, cell, and module manufacturers in China and abroad, providing quick and clear understanding of manufacturing activities across the supply chain.

Supply Chain Utilization Rates contents:

  1. Capacity and production of the preceding month
  2. Forecast for capacity and production of the month and the following month
  3. Share of mono-grade and multi-grade polysilicon production
  4. Status of production lines in each segment of the supply chain
  • Report format: Excel
  • Release time: 10th of every month
  • Language: Chinese/English
Monthly Note
Daily research, data analysis, and in-depth market insight by our analysts, who collect information through visiting companies and survey on market developments. Monthly Note provides the latest market updates. Analysts offer in-depth analysis of business opportunities, technology trends, and policy movements.

PV Market Monthly Note contents:
  1. Market overview and analysis
  2. Updates on business development
  3. PV policy analysis
  4. Exhibition and forum highlights
  • Report format: PDF
  • Release time: 15th of every month
  • Language: Chinese/English

Supply Chain Cost Structure
The Supply Chain Cost Structure report calculates the cumulative capacity of polysilicon, wafer, cell, and module across different cost ranges.

Supply Chain Cost Structure contents:
  1. Capacity across cost ranges in each segment *The cell segment is divided into mono/ multi/ n-type. The module segment is divided into standard format and large format
  2. Overall cost level
  3. Cost structure of polysilicon in details
  4. Estimated costs of silver pastes
  5. Cost structure of module bill of materials in details
  6. Estimated prices and costs in each segment
  • Report format: EXCEL
  • Release time: 5th of Feb., May, Aug., Nov.
  • Language: Chinese/English

New Technology Market Report
Data and analysis of the latest cell and module technologies, capacity, equipment, bill of materials, and yield rate. Our analysts predict technology trends and equipment selection based on the face-to-face communication with companies and collected data. The New Technology Market Report keeps businesses at their leading position by providing insights of new-fashioned technology trends and technology roadmaps of competitors.

New Technology Market Report contents:
  1. Technology trends tracking: Development in wafer sizes, thickness
  2. N-type technology capacity, developments, prices, cost estimation, HJT equipment comparison
  3. Capacity and production of new module technologies, insights into technology developments
  4. Market share of new module technology and forecast
  5. Bifacial module trends tracking
  6. Glass capacity tracking
  • Report format: EXCEL
  • Release time: 20th of Feb., May, Aug., Nov.
  • Language: Chinese/English

Supply and Demand Database
Supply and Demand Database is the most comprehensive tool for businesses drawing strategies for the future. Capacity statistics and sales information of global PV supply chain. This report contains open data, exclusive analysis, and forecasts for the current quarter, the next three quarters, and the coming four years.

Supply and Demand Database contents:
  1. Overview of companies
  2. Statistics of polysilicon, wafer, cell, and module capacity
  3. Statistics of polysilicon, wafer, cell and module production
  4. Statistics and forecast for demand
  5. Mainstream products and power outputs
  6. Statistics of cell and module capacity and production by size
  7. Capacity expansion of top 10 vertically integrated companies
  8. Shipment rankings of top 10 largest suppliers in each segment
  9. Statistics of cell and module capacity in Southeast Asia
  • Report format: EXCEL
  • Release time: 20th of Jan., Apr., July, Oct.
  • Language: Chinese/English


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